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Foreign trade commissioner/Assistant
Foreign trade commissioner/Assistant
Job description:
1、responsible for the company's overall export market development and the maintenance of existing customers;
2、participate in the import and export trade negotiations;
3、domestic and foreign customers in the reception and tracking service, audit import and export 
documents, import and export business;
4、implementation and completion of the company's import and export tasks.
Job requirements:
1、 major in international trade, English, logistics, e-commerce, customs clearance and other related professional, college degree or above;
2 、familiar with foreign trade process and international trade rules and practices;
3 、strong English listening, speaking, reading and writing;
4、 foreign trade related professional qualification certificate is preferred;
5 、familiar with international logistics related business knowledge;
6 、have a driving license, and familiar with the road in Beijing
7、 image quality is good, can accept domestic, foreign travel.

Welcome to join! Please send your resume to: bjzwhp@126.com
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